About Me

My name is Chen Zhang. 16807172_1104810132998229_2164137915582556022_nI from Beijing, the capital of China. If you are not familiar with my hometown. You maybe remember the Forbidden City and the 2008 Olimpic Games.

In 2013, I flew from China to the USA to study communication and journalism. Over the four years, away from my parents, friends, and everything I was familiar with, I went to learn a different culture, a different perspective, in search of a different self.

2017 is my fourth year studying abroad. During these 4 years, I met people from different countries and different cultures. We’re getting to know each other and getting closer. “No boundaries” is the word popped up in my mind.  “Respect” is another important virtue that college taught me.

Therefore, for my class project, I decided to start this blog by interviewing people from outside the United States.