Me and my best American friend!

This week, I am doing a fun Q&A with my best friend Stacie Wiegman. I’ve been friend with Stacie since my freshman year. I met her in the University orchestra. She was my stand partner during the whole semester. After we getting to know each other and we’re both commination major. “talking major” she always says that because I am really shy to talk with people but I am communion major. She tried so hard to encourage me to be brave and practice as much as I can. We’ve been through a lot together. She’s one of the loveliest people I’ve ever met in my life! She will come to China and be my maid of honor next year in August.



Q: Compare your American friends. What’s the difference between me and them?

A: “Honestly, there’s not much of a difference except that it’s harder to get a hold of you when you leave the country! Really the biggest differences are just in personality and the fact that you had never had Oreos until you met me! It’s kind of neat because we get to discover more about each other’s cultures when we start talking as opposed to already knowing or sharing the same culture.”


Q: Any fun or hear-warming story you still remember what happened between us?

A: “Where do I begin? The times that we got dressed up together for no reason and then ended up doing our homework looking fly. I loved the story of us going to St. Louis together. You took a lot of pictures of my dog, and you got along really well with my family. Then we did fun St. Louis things, and I got to show you my home. I seem to take St. Louis for granted, but I had a lot of fun being able to show you things I already knew. Then you tried St. Louis style pizza (which I hate), and you said it was “slimy!” I loved that! But then on the way back, we sang in the car, and you taught me Chinese. You kept saying, “Open your mouth! You’re not speaking French!” Then when we got home, I tried my best to tell you and your boyfriend “I’m going to bed, goodnight.” I don’t remember what that is now, but I definitely remembered saying “I’m going to the library, do you want to come with me?” in Chinese in the orchestra. I felt so accomplished by being able to communicate with you in your native language because we only communicate in mine.”


Another fun story was when your dad cooked for us, and despite us not being able to communicate with words, we said we liked each other. That was one of the main reasons I wanted to learn Chinese after that. I love being able to talk to other people in a way they understand. Language exposes knowledge, but it can also keep us from it. If you don’t have the right words, then you cannot expect to find out what a person has to offer.


What she taught me over the 4 years is talk with people! Anyone! Don’t be shy. Everyone has a story. If you are not taking the time to listen, then you are the one missing out. People are story-telling creatures, and everyone is worth a listen.

“One of those people might end up becoming your best friend and then you can end up being in their wedding and going to another country for it!”


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