Vietnamese Student: Challenging but excited and worthwhile.

This week I interviewed Linh Tran. A transfer student, this is her sophomore year. With very good command of English, this little girl stands out among her peers. Before she enters Truman State University, she chose a community college in Kansas City. She did so in order to lessen her parents’ financial burden. She says:

这周我采访了越南留学生Linh Tran. 作为转学生的她今年已经大三了,超强的英语表达能力和领导能力让个子小小的她在人群中闪闪发亮。就读杜鲁门州立大学之前她选择在堪萨斯城的社区大学完成大学基本课程为父母减少负担,她说:


“My parents are very protective so I didn’t get to go out with friends until sophomore year of high school. I like American education system. I like how they balance between book knowledge and real-life experience. I have always wanted to study abroad because I enjoy learning new languages. I’m also very interested in discovering different cultures.”


When she finished her second year at senior high school, she talked her parents into studying her last year in America. She underwent the bewilderment of “using the second language” like most students. However, with friends’ help, she quickly overcame the barriers.


“At first, I was still shy and didn’t dare to meet people. But I was lucky enough to meet my very first and also best American friend when I was in high school here. Her family treats me like their own child. They always make me feel welcomed and included whenever I’m around them.”


When talking about the biggest difference between cultures, she said:


“American focus more on individualism. In Vietnam, people to people relationship earns more attention. Here everyone lives their own life and takes on responsibilities for themselves.”



As a leader of several students groups, Linh is grateful for the more opportunities made possible by the impetus of the cultural difference. She hoped to make more friends with friends from different countries and by doing so, find a new self.





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