Costa Rica Student: Try hard to fit but maintain cultural essence.

This week I interviewed graduate student Sara Miranda from Costa Rica who is major in violin performance. Sara is passionate and straightforward, like most students of the Spanish Department I know.

这星期我采访了来自哥斯达黎加的音乐系研究生Sara Miranda. Sara给我的印象和所有西语系的小伙伴一样,热情奔放,毫不掩饰。


 “The reason why I come to the USA is simple. Truman provides very good graduate program and there are not so many students here. It is better for me to learn new knowledge in English.”


Sara plays the violin for over 20 years. Every Tuesday she leads all violin players of Truman orchestra to practice orchestra music. Many international students I know, including me, appears to be shy in the conversations. But to Sara, this does not seem to be the case.

Sara 和小提琴为伴已经有20多年了. 她每周二会带领杜鲁门州立大学交响乐团所有的小提琴手分排乐队曲目. 我认识很多国际学生,包括我自己,都在语言交流中略显羞涩。但对于Sara来说这并不是什么难事。

“Actually, I am not confident. (Smiling) When I was in Costa Rica and spoke my mother tongue, I was more active. When I came to the USA, I begin to lead students to play music. That means more conversation. I kind of push myself to do so.”

“ 我其实并不自信的(笑),但是我在哥斯达黎加的时候,在我说母语的时候是非常积极的一个人,所以来到美国,而且我总要带领大家演奏音乐,交流是必不可少的。我有时候可以说强迫自己必须这样吧。”


She has been here for no more than three months and shared with me some difficulties she experienced: “Everybody is usually on time, which in my country is culturally not usual, the rule is being last. What I feel not used to is that people relate in more cold and separate way than my country, so I didn’t know sometimes if I am being too “invasive”.”


As international students. When we visit a new country, we come with our culture and customs. The shock will be shown in every corner of our life like Sara told me at the end of our interview:

作为国际学生, 我们带着原本的文化与习惯来到一个陌生的国家。突如其来的冲击感会渗透的生活中的每个细节。正如Sara在采访最后告诉我的:

“I am trying so hard to fit, but at the same time maintain my cultural essence, as I keep up with my academic and social life.”



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