Japanese Student: have you find what overseas education means to you?

This week I interviewed Kanan Yamaguchi, a Japanese student who studies there. She is a freshman of 2017. As an international student, she chooses Chinese language as her foreign language option. I know her in her first semester as her Chinese peer learning tutor. As a “new” international student in American, she expresses joy, freshness and relentless learning.

这周我采访了日本留学生Kanan Yamaguchi,她是2017年秋季入学的大一新生,作为国际学生的她依然选修了中文作为外文课程的学习。我作为中文小组学习的辅导员在本学期开始认识了她。作为刚刚来到美国留学的“新”留学生,她身上贴满了喜悦,新鲜,和不断学习的标签。


“I’ve got a lot of good experiences here. To give an example, I really enjoyed homecoming weekend, I’ve never had this kind of experience before. And I feel happy when people are nice and welcoming.”


From talking to her, the biggest impression on me is the different approaches between Japan and USA in education. It is not exaggeration to say that children from Asia suffer a storm from their primary school to high school. They are studying to prepare for exams. After they arrive in the USA, they begin to experience a revolution in education and learning.


“Looking back at my college life in America so far, I think the biggest difference would be how a college student study. In Japan, actually, I think in all Asian countries, once you get into college, it will be easy to graduate. But here, not only exams but also you are required to work really hard on the assignment and other projects.”


By now half a semester has gone, Kanan sometimes feels at a loss or unable to cope with all tasks. “The hardest time was when I was being too lazy, didn’t start doing homework until the last minute and had to stay up late to finish it even though I was tired. I really felt I should do time management better.”


Talking to the newly admitted Kanan, I cannot help recalling four years ago when I first arrived here to study. The four years I have experienced all kinds of things, and keep adjusting myself to meet challenges. So have you find what overseas education means to you?



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