Wooyoung Park: I encourage your stereotyping because I’ll be able to surprise you everytime.

This week I interviewed Wooyoung Park from South Korea who studying at Kirksville high school right now.

本周我采访了在科克斯维尔高中上学的韩国学生Wooyoung Park.

Wooyoung’s life experience is kind of special, she was not born in the United States but she spent most of her memory in here. “Because my dad got his Ph.D. degrees at St. Louis University. He came to work here at Truman after graduation so my mom and I are decided to move to America with him.” Wooyoung says.

Wooyoung 的成长经历比较特殊,她并非出生在美国,但是大部分的记忆都是在这里度过的。“因为我爸爸在圣路易斯大学就读博士,他毕业以后来到了杜鲁门州立大学工作,所以我和妈妈就决定跟着他一起搬来美国生活了。


Wooyoung with her mon.

“I came to Kirksville when I was in kindergarten Before I came here, I don’t know how any English, I just knew ABCD. I still remember one time that I wanted to go to the bathroom, but I didn’t know how to say it, so you know…that was pretty uncomfortable.”


As she grew older, Wooyoung gradually learns and integrate into the school’s collective life “I think the only thing I can not get used to till now is the food part. Both of my parents gave to work, so I have to buy my lunch at school. But I seldom eat, it’s more satisfying to eat mom’s homemade dinner after school. (smile)” Wooyoung says.

随着年龄的增长Wooyoung渐渐的学会和融入在学校的集体生活。“我觉得我现在唯一不能适应的地方就是美国的食物的吧。 因为父母工作的原因我还是会在学校吃午饭,但我吃的很少,晚上回到家吃妈妈做的饭比较满足(笑)。”

Wooyoung is a very lively and cheerful girl. I think that’s one of the reasons why she can quickly integrate into American life. When I asked her if she had any bad experiences, she said: “They made fun of my eyes (single-fold eyelid) one time, but it was just once. Most of the time I get along well with everybody. even though in this small little town. It’s easy to get along with people. Everyone is equal.”


For the future, she has a clear direction after she graduates from high school. “I want to be a doctor. I hope I can go back to South Korea after college. Because my grandparents are still in Korea, I miss them so much.” She thought that even when she moves to American when she was young and she still lives with her parents. But homesick still cannot be cut off.



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