ABC: I can’t do math, but i can write you a poem instead.

Today I interviewed two Chinese students who were born in America and grow up there. They are Youxing Yang and Jessica Chen. When we say ABC, we used to mean Chinese who were born in America. Today, it also includes the second and third generation of Chinese immigrants to overseas countries. The second and third generation grow in the cultural background of the USA and their mindset and values are “Americanized”. However, at home, their parents educate them with traditional Chinese culture and values. Therefore, they find themselves to be in-between Chinese and American culture.

今天我请到了两位在美国出生的中国同学。他们是杨佑星和陈雪兰. ABC最初意指出生在美国的华人,现在泛指海外华人移民的第二代、第三代子女。他们自小就受美国文化教育的熏陶,其思维方式与价值观基本是美国化的,在家里,他们的父母依旧是以中式的传统思维和生活价值观来教育自己的他们。所以他们觉得自己是夹在东方文化和西方文化之间的矛盾体


On identity, they all believe there is no clear definition. “We live in a different country. We are no different than the others” Jessica says. “If anybody asks, I am Asian American. If they ask further, I am Chinese.” Youxing says. They said that when they were in America they would miss China and when they were in China they would miss America. Both China and America were their homes, according to them.

说起自己身份,他们表示自己并没有一个明显的界限,“我们只是在不同的地方生活,其实我们和其他人一样。” 陈雪兰说。他们说自己在美国的时候会想念中国,但在中国的时候也会想念美国。中国和美国都是家。这就是他们内心的想法。

11201919_957117220985676_4914794280198096657_n 2

Family (parents)

“Their friends are all Chinese. A few years before, my parents were very glad to know three Chinese families live on the same street. Every day after dinner, they would go for a walk. During Olympic Games, they would cheer for China, and I will cheer for both China and America”, says Jessica.


14055120_1223556654341730_6987750429234454971_n 2


“I don’t think they will move back to China,” says Youxing, “because 20 years have passed. Every time when they went back to China, my parents would feel helpless and had to seek help from their relatives. They no longer knew the streets of their hometown, or the streets, or the bus routes or metro lines. They didn’t even know the names of the most common items and activities.” Their parents miss China a lot and China means reunion with friends and relatives. However, after 20 years of hard efforts in America, they can no longer find strong sense of belonging back in China.


This is a very enjoyable talk. I feel glad to see the two different cultures closely,


They feel proud to be Chinese as they are joyful to be American.



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